As a single mother of three, Ana Rivera need a way to help supplement her income to support her children as her day job was not enough to feed, clothe and house them. In 1995 Ana known as "Anita" took up helping a family friend with house duties in Montgomery County, MD. Anita quickly learned the ins and outs of keeping the house and the pride in her work was eminent. Her boss took notice and was so impressed with her work ethics she suggest Anita help a few of her friends and neighbors which Ana gladly did during her evenings after her day job.

In 1997, Anita wanting to be closer to home and her kids started offering her services in the Frederick County area. With great references and her go-getter attitude she quickly established a customer base to keep supporting her family. Excelling on every part of her job and years of experience Anita decided to take the next step and do it full-time. By 2000, Anita has to take in extra help to keep up with the demand for her services. Anita personally trained and required each of assistants met her quality and work ethics. By 2003 Anita had hired more help but still personally trained each and every new employee and put them into a 2 person crew. Due to the increase work load Anita move to a computerized system to facilitate and organize the workloads. Soon after Anita started marketing her services by passing out flyers and continued to receive great feedback from each new customer. Soon after Anita had to move to a 3 person crew to be able to maintain the quality of work and keep up with the demand for her services.

Word got out of the great quality of work Anita was doing in the homes of her customers and some who also had business ask Anita to also extend her services to their businesses. Anita started work with real-estate companies, dentist offices, optometrist, therapist and whoever else required her services Anita was the person to call.

2006 Anita's customers extended all the way to Baltimore County and by 2008 she had expanded her clientele to Leesburg, Va.

By 2010 Anita had outgrown her current facility and had to relocate to a bigger and more spacious facility to house her vehicles, equipment and supplies. In this location Anita can more efficiently manage everything and meet the work demand and quality the Anita's Cleaning Services brand demands.

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